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Marketing support for Norwich Theatre

Updated: Jan 30

In the Summer we were lucky enough to work with the amazing team at Norwich Theatre, to help support the marketing of its 'non-show' work.

Specifically, we were tasked with promoting the Theatre's:

  • sustainability practices

  • climate 'stories' initiative

  • art deco café and prelude restaurant

  • Playhouse bar and family festival

Norwich Theatre 'goes green' videos:

Norwich Theatre strives to be the responsible venue that its public so rightly expects. The venue has policies for recycling, renewable energy and lowering its carbon footprint.

These initiatives include:

·       Solar panels on the roof of the Stage Two building

·       Purchasing goods from local suppliers to lower the carbon footprint of deliveries

·       Working with a local garden nursery which repurposes its expired printed materials into packaging for plants

·       Waste recycling

·       The recent planting of a green wall

·       Running a Green Scheme that generates eco-ideas from staff members and volunteers

We created a suite of three videos to explain the Theatre's commitment to sustainability:

Family Festival:

Families of every kind attended Norwich Theatre Playhouse in 2023 for the Family Festival. Families were able to book onto a range of workshops, drop-in activities and storytelling sessions.

We were tasked with creating a PR video to help promote the event (below), which we diced up into a series of portrait 10-second video clips for the Theatre to use on social media as reels.

We also researched and supplied Norwich Theatre with an influencer invite list (with 10k followers or more), comprising 30 social broadcasters including regional parental/caregiving influencers, Norfolk influencers and local kids/youth groups on social.

Zoe Phillips, Head of Campaigns at Norwich Theatre said:

"Thank you so much for your support on these projects; it has been a wonderful opportunity working with Nurture Marketing - your support has been invaluable to our campaigns. I really look forward to working with you more on different projects in the future."



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