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Sizewell C

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marketing support for prospective suppliers to the Sizewell C nuclear project

what is Sizewell C?

  • Brand new nuclear power station for the UK from EDF Energy & CGN

  • New northern and southern Park & Ride facilities at Yoxford and Wickham Market

  • Freight handling facility at Felixstowe

  • Road and railway improvement infrastructure projects

  • Energy campus, accommodation village and sports facilities

  • 9-12 years to build

  • £20 billion project

  • £4.4 billion to be spent in the East of England

  • 80,000 new jobs

marketing matters

We’re expertly positioned to help support your application to the Sizewell C supply chain by creating content around:

  • Your values, people, services, products and mission

  • Your links with local suppliers, schools and community groups

  • Your accreditations and trade certifications

  • Your CSG policy including sustainability, biodiversity and net zero initiatives 

  • Your ethical sourcing for overseas goods and services

  • Your cyber security, IT infrastructure and ISO systems

  • Key case studies to upload to the supply chain portal

Construction Worker

book a half-day in-person
'marketing success for Sizewell C' workshop at your HQ

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Becoming a supplier for Sizewell C is a long journey. We'll help you through every step of the way during the procurement process and beyond.
The Sizewell C procurement process:

- pre-qualification (CompeteFor)
- ITT and formal tender (iValua)
- board approval
- contract award
- contract management (CEMAR)

“Nurture Marketing is supporting us throughout the Sizewell C procurement process with a range services including print and design, case studies, PR, video and photography to convey our unique offering to the Sizewell C team."

Jenna Morgan, Commercial Director

Wallis Shipping

how to work with us

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