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The Feed Christmas hampers

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

I am super pleased to reveal the work we have been doing behind the scenes on The Feed's new Christmas hamper project! The Feed is an organisation that helps prevent poverty, hunger and homelessness in Norwich.

Each year, the social enterprise sells around 200 festive hampers, filled to the brim with local food and drink goodies. Perfect for loved ones or as a corporate gift, all monies raised through the sale of the hampers go to someone in need in our city.

This year, The Feed wanted to be able to house its hampers online for the first time. Nurture Marketing created a totally on-brand microsite, with a hamper menu, order form, collection details section and an area to house case studies of people that have benefitted from the work of The Feed.

As The Feed is our charity of the year, we did this project for the team pro bono. As well as the design and build of the site, we also created hamper graphics, which The Feed used in its social media and comms to promote the hampers.

The microsite can be found at:

Let us know what you think!


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